Đăng bởi: Linh760Li | Tháng Bảy 31, 2006

Tokyo Drift: V8-Powered 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

  • Động cơ: V8
  • Công suất tối đa: 560 mã lực
  • Tăng tốc 0-60 mph: 4,4 giây
  • Vành: 15″

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1971 chevrolet monte carlo



  1. i have a car just like this it is bad ass

  2. i think that car is sick as hell, shame it wrecked at the end of the race in the movie. what kind of engine is in there? it looks like a 396

  3. hell of a car! oh and its a 632.. it kinda says it on the valve covers…sweet got one just like it….

  4. Actually, one car had a 502 and the other had a 572.

  5. well any ways it’s pretty bad ass even with a base ball through the back window

  6. I own a 1970 Monte like it. I have plans for the 502 and a 6 speed after a ground up rebuild. I am just glad they put a first gen monte in a movie in such a kick ass role.

  7. fuk ur car wen i get 1 mine will be the best and shit on ur piece O shit……yay me….it could b worse….could have ring worm

  8. its alive! awesome! but my 635csi is better haha

  9. Your all wrong about the egine, one was a 509 and the other was a 572! the directors of the movie wanted to use the valvecovers as a disguise.

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